Rad Videos: This Darth Maul Fan Film is Insanely Good!

While the Star Wars prequels may have sucked, they did have one good thing going for them and that was Darth Maul. Forget Ryan Vs Dorkman, T7 Productions have taken Fan Films to another level.  Check out the short film above!Darth-Maul-Apprentice-5 Directed by friends and partners Max TsuiVadim Schulz and Vi-Dan Tran, Darth Maul: Apprentice is a stellar look into what the characters backstory could be. I love the choreography and acting, but the practical sets and makeup is what sets it apart from a lot of the other fan films out there.Darth-Maul-Apprentice-10

Darth Maul: Apprentice comes at the perfect time, as the Star Wars Fan Film Awards are just around the corner in April and will surely be up for the best Star Wars Fan Film Award. Here’s one of last year’s best.

Star Wars: The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil on Disney Video