This Back To The Future Prequel Could Actually Be Great!

There are only a hand full of films that I love so much that if they were to be remade I would happily take a plane over to Hollywood and slap some sense into the movie execs that were in charge of said remake until they promised to not remake it. One of those films is Back to the Future. It’s a timeless classic that should never been touched and thankfully Director Robert Zemeckis and Writer Bob Gale have it written into their contracts saying that Universal (the distributor) can’t remake the film until both are dead.

Now, what about if it was a Prequel, set in the same universe as the original films but not tarnishing their footprint. Well, that’s what Tyler Hopkins has whipped up with his trailer for 1.21 Gigawatts. A prequel, telling the story about Doctor Emmett Brown building a nonfunctional bomb and stealing the plutonium from the Libyan Nationalists. Check it out below.

The use of the News anchor from the original film is a perfect way to open the trailer and gets the nostalgia juices flowing. I love this edit, the way that Tyler has told the story by using parts from other films with Christopher Lloyd and mashing them together seamlessly is incredible. It helps that Lloyds most memorable film BTTF and I don’t immediately recognize the films used here.

Now that could be cool. Not that I ever really need to see it as with all prequels I know what happened, however, it’s a nice way to continue in the universe of the Back to the Future films.

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