So CD Projekt Red have released a new trailer for The Witcher: Wild Hunt. It features a little bit of fighting, lots of running around and some cut-scenes. Check it out below.

Near the end there is a cinematic introduction to the game, skip to 12:04 if you want to jump to that. The graphics look gorgeous in the cut-scenes as you would expect.

However the rest of the trailer for me is a bit of a mixed bag. The game-play graphics do not look as good as I was expecting they would. There has been talk that CDPR are only making one build of the game for consoles and PC.  They still have some time and there’s a couple of tricks they can pull to better the graphics for PC players.

It would have been nice to see a bit more combat in the trailer but I’m glad they showed the fight with the Ekhidnas. The way the Ekhidnas dive after you in the water looked cool. The combat obviously isn’t Witcher 1 teir so I’m happy.  A huge world map also gives you plenty of space to roam.

I expect with all the talk about the graphics and the possibility of the game being a console port we will be hearing more form CDPR soon.