The Rock Heads On A ‘Jungle Cruise’ With Disney

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a popular man these days, and he seems to have a thing for jungles. With both Welcome to the Jungle (aka The Rundown for you non-Australians), and the upcoming Jumanji reboot already on the slate, The Rock has decided to add a third jungle themed flick to his impressive list of credits, signing on to star in Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

Based on the popular Disney attraction, in which guests board a boat and journey on down the various rivers of the world, viewing 60 year old animatronics and laughing at the dad jokes and next level puns being spit out by your trusty skipper. The ride is kitschy but alot of fun and a true classic. The film version is set to keep the rides 1920’s theme, and here’s hoping, its sense of humor.

I’m shocked this is happening – Disney have been developing this one for a while now – and there were plenty of rumors it was being sold as a vehicle for Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Having Dwayne Johnson sign onto this project is a blessing. The guy does comedy well, and whilst guests see encounter amazing and dangerous animals on their ride, its the comedy of the skipper that’s the true appeal.

Disney have had the entire range of success with their ride-to-film adaptions, from the box office bonanza that is Pirates of the Caribbean, to duds like The Haunted Mansion and The Country Bears. Here’s hoping Jungle Cruise is closer to the former.

Jungle Cruise currently has no release date, but will start shooting later this year. The only question on our minds? Who’s going to play Trader Sam?!


I hope ‘Wierd’ Al Yankovic gets the call for the theme song: