The Justice League Trailer gets the Weird Treatment – Rad Videos


If you need a bit of cheering up today after hearing of Gene Wilder’s passing, the video above should help take your mind off things for at least two minutes. Parody videos are nothing new but they’re usually bloody funny.  If you don’t believe me check out the Jar Jar/Rogue One recut trailer ‘Rogue Binks’ on our Facebook page. That being said, there’s one guy who takes mash ups to the next level and then battles the End Boss; Welcome to the twisted mind of Italian looney Aldo Jones. He hit us round the face with a wet fish earlier this year with his bizarre mash up of the Batman V Superman Trailer (link below). Now sit back and let your mind be poked, prodded and generally turned to mush.  I recommend watching it twice as you’d be hard pushed to catch every bizarre quirk first time round – Yes, that is The Flash taking a dump.