What do you get when you mix X-Files and the game P.T (Silent Hills Demo)? you get a great looking survival horror game. Taking a note from movies like Dark Skies and Paranormal Activity Thot Wise Games have created The Hum: Abductions, a survival horror game where you newborn baby is abducted by aliens. Sound creepy? Check out the below trailer.

Here is the synopsis from Thot Wise Games:

“In “Abductions”, you will play the role of Holly Sanders, a mother and wife, who is living hard days since her husband’s mysterious vanishing, months ago.Lonely and disturbed, with her little son Dan as only company, Holly will uncover the past and present events of the Sanders family, while facing a terrifying approaching revelation”

What’s the deal with me and the Horror genre? Games, Movies it doesn’t matter I just love the suspense and the edge of the seat feel. God damn it bring this game on.