What do you get when you take one of comedies leading directors, a cast filled with miles of talent, and an interesting tale of betting against the banks? You get The Big Short!

So, is it any good?YES

The Big Short is an absolute home run. The film follows the stories of 4 finance professionals, played by Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt, as they discover dumb and greedy plays by the banks, and decide to bet against the house in advance of what they see as the crash of the US housing market. Director Adam McKay turns what could have been boring, bloated film about banks and the collapse of the US housing bubble, into a widely entertaining and interesting dramedy. While this topic may seem slightly out of left field for McKay, anybody who stayed through the credits of The Other Guys could have seen this coming!


McKay does some absolutely genius things with this movie. The subject matter at hand here is incredibly serious and even scary, but the dialogue and almost documentary style of filmmaking, along with the frequent breaking of the 4th wall turn this film into something great! I’m no economics genius, so I was a little concerned about whether I would understand a lot of the jargon, but the film does something absolutely amazing, and hilarious to break down and explain the key terms required in understanding the story. I’m talking Sesame Street level of break down here, but the method in which is it done is easily the highlight of the film.

The four main actors all do great work, with each having their own seperate story (Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell cross paths), rather than this being an ensemble piece. What truly is interesting is the conflict in each of the characters. Each character knows that they stand to make millions of dollars in their gamble, but are fully aware of how many innocent lives are going to be effected by the housing crash. Each of the four leads sells this fantastically.


I have a feeling that this film will be well reviewed, but not widely seen, which is a shame as this is a fantastic film (prove me wrong, please). The Big Short is incredibly funny and interesting with a brilliant cast and unique and amazing direction by Adam McKay! Hats off to all involved!

THE BIG SHORT is in cinemas January 14.