Table 19 unites the acting talents of Anna Kendrick and the writing smarts of the Duplass brothers for a high concept dramedy that takes place over the course of one eventful wedding day.

So, is it any good?I enjoyed about sixty percent of this film, which in the end was just enough to warrant a recommendation. To its credit it doesn’t go along the tried and true route you would expect from a wedding film, but it also doesn’t follow these unexpected detours quite far enough to make it a truly memorable trip to the cinema.Having been dumped by the brother of the bride, Eloise (Anna Kendrick) reluctantly surrenders her maid of honour duties, but still decides to accept her pity invite to said wedding. As the big day arrives, we experience the days events from Eloise’s perspective as she and her fellow table of strangers are sat at the back of the room and largely ignored; and it soon becomes clear that Eloise isn’t the only one with issues.

“Its brings to mind the unlikely camaraderie of The Breakfast Club”

The real strength of this film is the odd bunch of misfits that make up the il fated Table 19. Aside from Kendrick’s character, we also have the sex deprived teen Rezno (Grand Budapest Hotel’s Tony Revolori), long bickering married couple Jerry and Bina (Craig Robinson and Lisa Kudrow), elderly loner Jo (June Squibb) and unlikely felon Walter (Stephen Merchant).

It brings to mind the unlikely camaraderie of The Breakfast Club, and there’s certainly an eighties feel to the film itself, right down to the carefully retro hits performed by the wedding band. Its just a shame that there isn’t quite enough meat on the bones, meaning the film is neither quite funny or dramatic enough, instead falling somewhere in between.Table 19 is a surprisingly touching film that tells a simple story in an interesting new way. It may not make you laugh out loud or quietly weep into your popcorn, but any movie that tries to subvert a genre should be applauded in this age of cookie cutter American comedies.

TABLE 19 is in Australian cinemas from today.