Sydney Oz Comic-Con 2016 Wrap Up

Last weekend we hit the floor at the Sydney leg of Oz Comic-Con. Having made its debut in the Harbour City back in 2014, the Sydney Con has become a major highlight on the Australian pop culture calendar, and this is the second year the So Is It Any Good team have had the pleasure of covering the event.

Held once again at the temporary exhibition centre on Glebe Island, the venue was a royal pain the ass to get to, but worth the trek once we entered the giant front doors. The crowds in attendance were in high spirits, and the whole operation was run with almost military precision (except for the mother of all food lines, and steepest of all food prices). The solid line up of guests kept the punters entertained, with Robert Englund proving to be the obvious fan favourite, despite being credited with the wrong film in the Official Program (Friday the 13th?? Come on guys, you had one job!).oz-comic-con-2016-22Meanwhile over at Stage Four, our inaugural Movie Wars was a huge hit on Saturday afternoon, attracting trivia nuts from all corners of the Con. The competition was fierce with four handmade Harley Quinn bats up for grabs, along with a bunch of other prizes. The final round came down to the wire but in the end The Pink Unicorns were too strong for the competition, with Captain Boomerang leading his team to sweet victory.oz-comic-con-2016-27oz-comic-con-2016-29But the real highlight of Comic-Con has always been the cosplayers, whether it’s checking out the competitions or simply walking the halls. There’s always someone new to meet or familiar faces to pick out from the crowd, no matter how caked in make up or hidden by masks they might be.oz-comic-con-2016-49oz-comic-con-2016-2The general vibe of the Con is always one of overwhelming positivity, and a place where everyone is welcome and no-one is looked down on. Whether it’s Spider-Man having a break dance battle with Batman, or Kyle Reese hanging out with The Terminator, you get a kick out of seeing people lose their inhibitions and embracing their inner geek. It’s what keeps so many returning year after year, and it’s why we’ll be coming back bigger than ever in 2017 (hopefully at the long-awaited new venue in Darling Harbour).

Until then, keep cosplaying movie fans!