Sunday Night At The Short Movies: Halloween Edition

Welcome to Sunday Night at the Short Movies. In this feature, we check out the best from the world of short films. From horror to comedy, if we think it’s worth your time it will be here.

Halloween is just about to hit, so we have conjured up three great horror short films that we think will make the hairs on the back of you neck stand up.


A rookie cop works the night shift at a police station with a cannibal prisoner on the loose.

Directed by The Duffer Brothers. Before they made their smash hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things‘, the Brothers Duffer were making indie short films like the one below.


After cooking breakfast, Larry is rudely interrupted by his next door neighbour Zach. Zach needs him to check something strange that is happening at his house. His wife is home, but she shouldn’t be. 

While the budget might not look as high as other short films listed in this series, the idea and execution are on point.

That old ladies face is so bloody unsettling. The ending might not have hit as strong as the idea deserved, but it’s going to be a fair while till I forget that women’s face.


The synopsis contains spoilers, so just watch it not knowing anything.

The Sleepover was the 2012 Official Selection of Fantastic Fest, Seattle International Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Shriekfest, Knoxville Horror Fest, Vassar FilmFest, and more, as well as the winner of “The Cabin In the Woods”/Lionsgate/Vimeo contest.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Sunday Night at the Short Movies. Make sure you return next week for more great short films. If you have any short films that you think we’d love or want your short film to get showcased here, hit us up at We’d love to hear from you!