So that time is upon us once again, another Steam sale is here to tempt us into spending money on a stack of games that we will add to our ever growing backlog and get to one day. This one looks like a huge one with 5638 titles on sale even though it is only going to be a weekend sale. I’m going to give you five games I think you should definitely look at picking up.


Yes I just reviewed this game last week but it is a serious contender for one of my favourite games of the year. This War of Mine is tough, unforgiving and thought provoking. You can read my review on it here. It’s a only a small discount but the game is still new, cheap and produced by a team that I think deserves your money.


I pretty much have to suggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as I play a few games almost every week. Yeah some 1.6’ers are going to say that it’s not as good and it’s for babbys but they are going to say that about every Counter-Strike that isn’t 1.6. I can tell you that despite missing sprays GO is better than Source.  Game modes like Demolition and Arms Race are fun for casual play and the competitive matchmaking makes finding a pick-up group for a game super easy.


Super Meat Boy is just an outright awesome platformer. It plays well, is fun and really challenging. It’s responsible for the ruination of one of my game pads due to me getting carried away and smashing the jump button harder than is needed. After you finish the story-line you can play again with every level made much more difficult. At $3 it is ridiculously cheap.


This game actually caught me by surprise with how good it was. I use to play  Tomb Raider on the PS1 and had kind of drifted away from the series but this is a fantastic reboot. I honestly had trouble not playing this game once I started. However it will leave you wondering how there could be that many dead bodies everywhere and why does no one clean them up?


Seriously, it’s Quake.

So that’s my five games for this sale. There are many more good titles going for stupid prices but with the amount of titles on sale I would be writing all night and then have nothing left to shill for in the next sale.