This will be a SPOILER FREE review. I won’t go in depth on plot points and characters.

Today the Force finally awoke in cinemas across the world. Fellow Nerds and Fans cried out in wonder as the phrase “In a Galaxy Far Far Away” lit up the cinema screen. So, is it any good?


It has been 10 years since the last instalment of the Star Wars saga, and as Revenge of the Sith came to a curtain call and was shunned among many, the franchise had a questionable future. Fast forward to today and we not only have a film but an entire universe to be excited about.


I’ve avoided everything from reviews to extended trailers, I wanted to go into this film not knowing anything and expecting the best, my expectations were through the roof. Finally, a new Star Wars film, one made by a true fan (JJ Abrams).  We’re home, as an old friend said in the trailers and home is right.

Star Wars The Force Awakens fits beautifully into the Star Wars universe. The world is once again dirty, gritty and unsafe. The villains are powerful and strike fear into the eyes of those they stand over. We see the return of a lot of old friends and so many new ones. It was almost surreal seeing Harrison Ford’s charismatic smuggler Han Solo back on the big screen and witnessing new adventures for him and his hairy oath friend. The New characters also have a great story to tell, and the acting is amongst the best in the franchise.


We as fans had a lot to overcome from the prequels, terrible wooden acting, a story we already knew, over the top lightsaber battles and a lot a trade negotiations. Lightsaber duels are no longer an action sequence, made to show off the choreography and effects; they are emotion filled battle between 2 adversaries just like they were in the original trilogy. The team behind The Force Awakens have a clear vision; they are making the fans happy around the world and will continue this as we set into a new dawn for the franchise.


We are as close as we possibly could be to the feel that we once when we were kids, Star Wars is back. It’s time to send JJ Abrams and the crew down the Temple on Yavin and drop that Throne Room Beat!

While this is Spoiler Free make sure once you’ve seen the film you check out our spoiler fuelled chat going live on Saturday.

STAR WARS THE FORCE AWKENS is in cinemas now