Forget a trailer at comic con 2015 we just got a behind the scenes look that would revival any trailer ever made.

That was some emotional stuff right there. Just incredible, you can see love for Star Wars beaming from this reel. I’ve watched it at least ten times and I will probably watch it another ten.

Sometimes Hollywood surprises me, this is why I love cinema, this is why I fell in love with cinema, the chance for it to transport you to new worlds and unleash spectacles that can only be found on film.

Star Wars for me is the quintessential film, it’s the first real Hollywood blockbuster, nothing comes close to the fandom of the series and to capture that again is a miracle in itself. JJ Abrams and the team involved with The Force Awakens clearly has a passion for the adventure, everything you see on the screen is nostalgic with a serving of fresh. In my wildest imagination I could have never thought that I would see this sort of production.

We won’t know how the film will pan out or if it’s any good, but one things for sure the passion and love is there and my butt will be firmly planted in a cinema on opening day.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS opens December 17 in Australia

#InJJWe Trust