Is Sony Secretly Developing Another Spider-Man Universe Featuring Miles Morales To Take On Venom?

For all you eagle eyed viewers out there who have watched the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer a million times you no doubt saw a lot of Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Iron Man and of course Spider-Man. Nestled amongst all of that was an extremely brief blink and you’ll miss it shot of Donald Glover.

News Broke over the last few days that an R-rated Venom spin-off was in the works over at Sony, with a release date already set for October 5th 2018. The Venom movie will not be part of the MCU, which could lead to no Tom Holland as he is cementing himself within the Avengers. It currently has no director attached to it, no cast has been announced, so naturally everyone jumped on the WTF Sony bandwagon and questioned if Sony had learned from their previous mistakes of rushing the development of their IP’s.

Has Sony pulled a fast one on everyone? Is there something bigger at play?

It’s no secret that Donald Glover petitioned for the role of Miles Morales/Spider-Man back before Andrew Garfield was cast. It’s also no secret that millions of people want more diversity within the current superhero movie franchises. I would find it very hard to believe that Sony would make a Venom movie without a Spider-Man, he is the Joker to Dc’s Batman, you can’t have one without the other,  and after 2007’s Spider-Man 3, Sony will be looking for redemption.

Rest assured you don’t hire an actor of Donald Glovers calibre and cast him as Thug #6. Get your detective on and try and find his characters name for Spider-Man: Homecoming, you won’t find it. This just adds to the mystery of what Sony is planning.


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