Why the hell would I be excited about this? I grew up on the original. It was Star Wars and Ghostbusters, that was my life. I had the toys, the clothes, the VHS tapes and the posters. I lived and breathed Ghostbusters.  To this day I still love Ghostbusters, I still collect things from the 1984 classic and I still attend screenings whenever they appear.There was a magic on set that would never return. Bill Murray was busting out ad libs like they were going out of fashion. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis’ script was wild, fresh and hilarious. Ghostbusters was and still is the highest grossing horror comedy of all time.
After Ghostbusters 2 (which I also hold dear) things never looked so bright again. Bill Murray vowed to never do another sequel because he hated his time on set; the heart of the film just wasn’t there. However even though Ghostbusters 2 might not have worked as well, we were promised Ghostbusters 3 ever since the release of the GB 2 trading cards from Topps, but they just could never convince Bill.
All through the 90s we heard rumours of a Ghostbusters 3, always from the mouth of creator and star Dan Aykroyd. At one point, they even got as close to casting the film with the likes of Ben Stiller and Chris Farley. Then again in the 00’s we had new rumours with new writers and a new script but one thing always stopped them, that’s right ladies and gentleman.
Well, if the one thing that made Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters doesn’t want to do Ghostbusters, why on earth would we want a sequel with the original cast? Sure Dan Aykroyd is funny, but he can’t pull a movie. He hasn’t starred as a leading man since Cone Heads. Do you remember that movie? It was god awful.
Sacrilege you say? Go watch it again and come back here and tell me I’m wrong!

So who do we have left? Harold Ramis (Egon) unfortunately died in 2013 and Ernie Hudson (Winston) was only in it for the paycheck.
Let’s also look at the track records of delayed sequels, can you, off the top of your head, think of one good movie that is a direct sequel to an old franchise? No? Me neither.  Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Dumb and Dumber to, Alien Vs Predator and Die Hard… Wake me up when hell passes over.

Other then maybe cameos the original cast is out. What are Sony’s choices? Do they pull the plug on a potential multi movie and multimillion dollar franchise or find some fresh meat to throw into the fish tank?  Well I don’t know if you know a lot about Hollywood, but they are money hungry vultures and they aren’t going to give up on their cut of gold.

So let’s sit in the boardroom at Sony, I imagine what went down would had been something like this:
What are we going to do with this Ghostbusters franchise? Let’s take a look at our options of directors. The original director Ivan Reitman is still making movies! What about him? Do we remember “Six Days and Seven Nights” and “My Super Ex-Girlfriend? No thank you I’ll pass. Comedy is down at the moment not many directors out there with the correct shoe size other then maybe Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump St) but they are already doing a huge franchise for us, so they are out. Who else is left that could helm such a big franchise? Paul Feig of course, his female driven comedies are some of the funniest films in recent years and he fits the bill perfectly.

Ok so we have the director, now what? We can’t just rewrite the originals. They have to have something new, something fresh. Men in the roles would makes sense, the originals had men in the leads but couldn’t we just watch the originals nothing will rival them! Remember the magic, the sequel couldn’t even come close, what chance do new male actors have? So let’s try something new, Women. Who’s the best female comedic director around. Paul Feig. Good choices men, lets rejoice and have some beers


So we have Paul Feig and The women. Unleash the fan outcry.

But why, we haven’t seen the movie yet, not even a trailer. We are headed down the “fuck you for ruining my childhood” route with nothing to back it up. Why is your childhood ruined? We still have the originals; in fact this movie isn’t connected, so it’s not tarnishing them at all. They could have hints of the originals but as far as we know there is no connection. So I digress, why is this ruining your childhood?


We have one of the best comedy directors in business, with some of the best female comedians of our generation! So what are you afraid of?

Well I ain’t afraid of no ghost!  The set picks look great! The costumes and Proton Packs are straight up classic with a touch of fresh. Yes the girls look like garbage truck drivers, but that’s funny. This is a new movie! If you want the exact same thing just go and watch the originals.  You’ll always have them, Sony isn’t taking them away and storing them in a dungeon along side Corey Feldman.


This movie could be terrible, but it could also be amazing. So I’m giving it a chance. I’ve cried out for a new movie and this is what we are given. I would much prefer this, then the  likely chance of a belated sequel ruining the franchise completely.