The world of movie news moves at lightspeed some days, so it’s hard to keep up with everything (even for those of us that run an entertainment website). So welcome to today’s news briefing here at So, Is It Any Good? where we round up the breaking stories you might have missed.

Avengers: Infinite Cleanup

Avengers: Infinity war is shooting in Atlanta, GA at the moment. Thanks to Just Jared, some new set photos have appeared online featuring Robert Downey Jnr, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong. Interesting to note that we get a great look at the new Iron Man armor amidst some more city destruction. I would hate to be the guy that invoices the Avengers for city repairs.

Avengers: Infinity WarAvengers: Infinity Waravengers infinity war

The Merc With A Playdate

Filming has begun on the Ryan Reynolds led Deadpool 2, and once again the folks over at Just Jared have the pictures to prove it. The Merc With The Mouth seems to be attending, a kids birthday party? Well, it worked in Ghostbusters 2 so why not?


Holy Brooding Photo Batman!

Zack Snyder has released a new photo of Batman. While taking some time off to be there for his family after news broke of his daughters tragic passing. Snyder seems to be keeping up with promotion for the upcoming Justice League by posting this new picture. We all hope he and his family are doing well. 

The Theories Are…True?

An interesting fan theory about Iron Man 2 has turned out to be true. Towards the end of the film, at the Stark Expo we get a bit of a cameo from a very teeny tiny Peter Parker. Yep, that’s right, Peter Parker has been in the MCU since the very beginning. You can read the full story over at Screenrant.

Avalook At The Future Of 3D

Goodbye 3D glasses, Sir (you heard it hear first) James Cameron is here to save us from those annoying, stupid looking, sorry excuse for a movie ticket markup. The ever revolutionizing James Cameron is working with Christie Digital to bring 3D to cinemas, without the glasses, just in time for his next 20 Avatar films.

Make Superman Great Again

Consider this a rumor for now, but word is Superman could defect to….the Soviet Union. It looks as though Superman: Red Son is being considered for an adaptation. Warner Bros. is yet to comment, however, Mark Miller who wrote the book for DC Comics pitched it to Warner Bros several months ago. Warner Bros. passed on the idea but have apparently pitched it themselves to other directors in the last 2 months. Head on over to movieweb for the full story. I wonder if Donald Trump knows about this?

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