Watching one of your favourite movies from your childhood can go either way. It will either be a pure injection of nostalgia that makes you smile from ear to ear, or make you question your adolescence. So today I’m checking out 1992’s Sidekicks

So, is it STILL any good?

Seriously, so much yes.

This move is ridiculously silly, but in the best way possible. From the opening scene you get a feel for how the movie is going to feel and the comedy it’s going to have in it. There’s just something about seeing Chuck Norris dressed in what can only be described as a Michelin Man ninja suit that makes you laugh.

Sidekicks stars Jonathon Brandis as Barry Gabrewski, an asthmatic who daydreams about going on adventures and being Chuck Norris’s sidekick. He is disliked at school, has no friends, his father works all the time, wants to learn martial arts but isn’t able to train at the local dojo, gets bullied by the kid who trains at the dojo, gets help from old Asian guy who trains him in weird way. This sounds all too familiar right?

This movie is nearly a blatant rip off of 1984’s Karate Kid. What differentiates between the two and makes this movie so good is the daydream sequences, they are absurdly funny and Joe Piscapo , who plays Kelly Stone the karate master and main “villain” in the movie adds so much comedy to every scene he is in. Barry’s master played by the amazing Japanese actor Mako does a fantastic job of playing Mr. Lee, who helps Barry overcome his fears, anxiety and also manages to cure his asthma.

This movie has everything you would expect from a 90’s movie. Mullets, bad clothes, a training montage with training montage music, a 90’s trailer with a 90’s trailer voice over, even a cameo from a pair of very short shorts on a male jogger.

Sidekicks is directed by Chuck Norris’s brother Aaron Norris, who most recently did the stunts on Marvels Ant-Man. It also stars Beau Bridges, Winnie from the wonder years ( Danica McKellar ) and Julia Nickson. If you can look past the Karate Kid similarities then I highly recommend taking the time to watch it.

Chuck Norris also approves this movie.