After a 13 year hiatus from directing and an even longer 12 years since directing a feature film for cinemas, Peter Bogdanovich returns with a film that some people love, and others hate.

But I’m sure you’re all dying to know what we think. So Is It Any Good?

At a glance, this movie looks like the typical B grade comedy movie that a few big names did as a passion project or even a little job on the side between roles. While I admittedly thought some of those thoughts, before going to the movie I decided to look a little further. As an experiment, I decided to skip watching the trailer and just see what it looked like on paper (or the internet in this case), as before a film like this gets made that’s about the only thing investors/studios have to go off. Owen Wilson, Jennifer Anniston, Imogen Poots and Rhys Ifans with Peter Bogdanovich directing…a pretty solid line up of people who have done the Hollywood blockbuster as well as great indie films.

The film starts with Imogen Poots, our lead actor, doing a tell-all interview about her humble beginnings as a call girl to becoming somewhat of a megastar. She dances around the fact the she was a lady of the night and insists that she was only comforting lonely men. Cue Owen Wilson, a director of a new broadway play just about to start rehearsals in New York. Without giving too much away, after a romantic night that changes this girl’s life forever, their lives get tangled in a mess that would suit the storyline of just about any Woody Allen movie. With a solid cast, Jennifer Anniston finds a way to stand out and give a huge presence throughout as a psychotic therapist, and I do feel that Will Forte is good, but never get’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression with this film.
It really is difficult to talk about this movie without wanting to go into so much detail that I would ruin any surprises it has in store. All in all it’s a great film that can be enjoyed by just about all age groups (maybe not small children) and is a solid comeback for director Peter Bogdanovich.
She’s Funny That Way is in cinemas August 27.