It’s Mandy Moore Vs Sharks In The ’47 Meters Down’ Trailer

Well, its almost been 12 month’s since the last shark film – 2016’s surprisingly effective The Shallows, and now the Great Whites are back in our first look at 2017’s shark thriller – 47 Meters Down. Check out the trailer by hitting the play button above!

Mandy Moore (Tangled) and Australia’s own Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries) star in what looks to be an interesting (slightly) new take on the shark genre – not only are they battling against sharks to stay alive, but also their own oxygen tanks! The trailer really sells this as a tense thriller, and looks to be filled with a plenty of jump scares and sharks appearing from the depths!

Directed by Johannes Roberts,  47 Meters Down also stars Matthew Modine (Stranger Things), and a whole bunch of CGI monster shark. Interestingly enough, the film was originally supposed to be release direct to video back in June last year under Dimension Films, but they sold the rights to relatively unknown Entertainment Studios who cancelled the DVD release and pushed the film to a theatrical release this year.

The shark genre is interesting thing for a film to tackle, because lets be honest, Spielberg kind of knocked it out of the park on the first swing with Jaws – a benchmark so high that I highly doubt anything will ever get close.

Not Jaws 47 Meters Down hits theatres in the US on June 16. No word on an Australian release as of yet.