Your life is coming to an end. You only have six months to live. What if you could buy a new body? Today we checked the Sci – FI Flick Self/Less. So, is it any good?


Damien (Ben Kingsley) is a cold hearted, rich New York entrepreneur, riddled with cancer. He only has six months to get his affairs in order before he dies. However he stumbles upon a radical medical procedure called “Shedding”, engineered by an organization lead by the mysterious Dr Albright (Matthew Goode).This procedure can transfer his consciousness into a much younger, healthier body (Ryan Reynolds).

After the procedure Damien starts to have flashbacks of a life he never lived. He then starts to uncover the identity of the new body and connect the dots of a secret that the organization will kill to keep. Ben Kingsley’s version of Damien is a straight up dick, you know those dicks that aren’t even subtle about it, that’s Damien, and I mean his own daughter doesn’t want anything to with him. He’s not exactly a character the standard film goer can root for. So when I hear he is dying my brain goes “good riddance” but his mind is then transferred to the much more pleasant Ryan Reynolds. Reynold’s younger Damien is a very likable character. He’s comical, he’s handsome, he is taking women to bed left right and centre, but one thing is staying in my mind, he is still this dick from the start of the movie just with a different face. I still didn’t care for him and therefore couldn’t by any means root for him.

When Damien starts to discover that the body might not be all he paid for Self/less takes a 180 and becomes a by the numbers chase film. The Sci-Fi aspect is nowhere to be seen and what we get instead is a cheap knock off of a Jason Bourne movie. There was some big plot points I felt could have been played up on for instance, one of the organizations henchman was killed and later comes back in a different body. Why not play up on that he has the best disguise, Damien wouldn’t be able to spot him. What’s better then the hunter you don’t know is hunting. Instead it’s quickly explained to Damien and brushed over.

Self/less just feels like 10 movies rolled into one, it’s part Looper, part Bourne, part Inception all of which are far superior and more worthwhile watching on Netflix then spending cash on this. Worst of all Self/Less feels like a sub par movie version of Now and Again, remember that TV Show in the 90’s where a family man’s consciousness is secretly transferred into a much younger healthier body? Sounds familiar right? Yeah this is that. In fact Self/less would have worked much better as a TV show.

I just feel bad for Ryan Reynolds, he keeps on giving and Hollywood keeps pushing horrible movies on to him. Here’s hoping Deadpool will show his acting and comedy chops off in a better light.

SELF/LESS opens in cinemas July 23rd in Australia