Shovel Knight is a fun little game put together by ‘Yacht Club Games’. Funded through Kickstarter this game is a throwback to the retro platformers of old. So, is it any good?


A 2d platformer, you play as the eponyous Shovel Knight. After the loss of your partner, Shield Knight, a darkness has fallen over the land and it is up to you to defeat the Enchantress and the Order of No Quarter. The game plays like a cross between Super Mario Brothers 3 and Megaman. I love the number of references to old games, from the knights that throw anchors a lot like turtles throw hammers to even the dark seer out of Alex Kidd.

SK - Village

The knights in the Order of No Quarter all have levels with their own themes that a reflection of that knight. The designs of the knights are pretty cool and just a bit quirky with themes such as King Knight, Spectre Knight and Propeller Knight. The levels are also packed full of secrets and if you want to make things hard on yourself you can destroy the level’s checkpoints for more gold. A map links all the levels together with a few villages and contains some wandering fights. The villages give you a chance to upgrade your health and equipment as well as meet npc’s that say inane stuff. You can also buy relics that provide bonus abilities and are needed to complete some side levels.

SK - King Knight

Personally I’m not a big fan of the current trend of pixel graphics in games, they can feel lazy or look too busy with blocks of colours flying everywhere. However the old school graphics for Shovel Knight really fit the game. It’s a nice homage to the games of old. The music matches the graphics, is well done and some of the songs are damn catchy. I like that they made the songs an in game item that you can collect and hand to the bard for gold. You’re then able to listen to them whenever you want. Admittedly I haven’t done that but still, nice touch.
So I really enjoyed this game. Unfortunately it’s also shown me how bad I have gotten at platformers. If the twelve year old version of me saw it he would be deeply ashamed.