In the vast wilderness of the fictional region of Kyrat, in the Himalayas regions of Nepal,  you play as Ajay. A Kyrati raised in the USA only returning to spread his mother’s ashes in her home land.  Kyrat (now ruled by the ruthless and eccentric Dictator,  Pagan Min) is a war ground raging between the Pagan Min and the rebels known as the Golden Path. As you try to enter the city you are quickly captured by Pagan Min’s men and taken to his castle. This is where the action begins.


Straight off the bat this game was easy, head shot your way through the hordes of enemies that were easy pickings. But that was before I met the wildlife. See on Kyrat the human enemies are the least of your worries.

Like most open world games, the area of Kyrat is vast, I found myself spending hours just exploring the wilderness and driving around, gliding and flying, taking in all the sites the beautiful graphics and textures have to offer. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that this is just a game. Far Cry 4 is far from boring. While exploring you’ll find a ton of wildlife to hunt or run away from. hunting and skinning your prey offers rewards and upgrades to items in your inventory.


lets talk about some of the wildlife you’ll no doubt come across. while some will run from you others will see you as a threat and hunt you. Friggen Eagles man. This whole place is just a danger zone, its like walking the streets and being swooped by magpies. What a pain in the arse. One second your mowing down some nasty red suits,then ka ka, ka ka you’re getting eaten by this huge eagle. sometimes you’ll hear them coming or maybe you’ll be warned by a passer by or a Golden Pathian but good luck relying on that. Then there are Rhinos, my tip, don’t frak with rhinos…. I learnt my lesson many times their hard skin can take hundreds of bullets and they can bulldoze cars and basically instakill you, well until that fat SOB took a grenade up its arse.


Some of the game still has major glitches that can be infuriating. for instance early on in the game you are offered an ‘Auto drive’ option to get to missions quicker. Normally I would pass on this option but one mission “hunt or hunted’ I just couldn’t find my way around so I decided to use the auto drive. I drove around for literally 20 mins till I worked out that it had glitched also couldn’t find its way. Another was ‘Glitch Heaven’ or at least that’s what I call it. head over to the Guide that takes you to the Himalayas and head north, you’ll reach a hill that can take you back to the main camp of the Golden Path. however it is a far from complete area in the map where you can fall through the ground or just get stuck and be forced to restart.

Glith heaven2

Mid way through the game I promoted myself to ‘Captain dies every 2 seconds’. What’s with games that you can get shot 1000 times and re heal a million more but jump off a 2 ft high rock and nope ya dead. My guy was pulling out arrows, blades,  bullets but trip over and instant death. then there is the gliding and fly suit adventures should be all yay fun but fall into a tree. Dead. Fly suit down a cliff yeeee hah,  get 10 meters away from the mission skim a rock on your way down. Nope dead. Restart mission.
Guns and weapons range from AK’s to sub machine guns to rpgs but if you enjoy the TV show ‘Green arrow’ I recommend buying a bow and arrow asap. I have never had so much fun. Not only are you given fire rounds which in most cases with a bow is a given you get explosive rounds. Dam son I fell like RAMBO pew pew argghhhhh
While the main story line of the game is enjoyable, I had a lot more fun exploring and hunting. that was the real game for me. Similar to GTA I find just the jump in do some things jump out routine a lot more enjoyable. as a whole the game, but no one is really taking about it around the water cooler so why not wait till the Steam sales and pick it up cheap.