Superhero films are currently the biggest money makers in movie history and the two big names behind those characters are Marvel and DC. Marvel has all the mutated Superheroes while DC holds the alien races and legacy heroes. They are all very profitable franchises, making huge numbers however it’s very unlikely that we will ever see them in a cross over film, YouTube Channel UltraSargent has gone ahead imagined what could be one of the coolest films that will never grace our screens.


Mashed up from footage from all over the place, this trailer is a fun take at what will never be. Marvel V DC would be huge, the cast alone would bankrupt a studio, but being that the profits are gigantic at the moment it’s some what shocking that it hasn’t happened. It has happened however in comics back in the 90’s with the huge crossover mini-series DC Vs Marvel followed by the Amalgam Comics series. If you haven’t read them I highly recommend it. It was done in a time when comics had seen a dip and both publishers were looking to reinvigorate the characters. Maybe when the films start seeing a dip well will see this clash of titans.

Some of these fan trailers are sometimes better then the real thing, maybe studios should consider looking at YouTube’rs for future trailers.