Rad Videos: Marty Mcfly’s Power-Laces Have Become Reality With Nike’s HyperAdapt

We first saw a glimmer of self-lacing shoes back in 1989 in the sequel to Back To The Future, and ever since then we have dreamt of a time where we wouldn’t have to bend over and tie a lace to a shoe. Look I know some of you out there are saying “but there is always Velcro” and to that I say… Hush!… this is the FUTURE.nike-mag2015 came and went, and while we may have seen a hint at the shoe when Marty McFly himself Michael J. Fox received a REAL pair of the infamous Nike MAGS (The ones seen in Back To The Future II), alas nothing was really mentioned of a retail version of the shoe.

So fast track a year and just when you gave up all hope of the future and self-lacing shoes – BOOM! – Nike comes in with the slam dunk! Check out the first promo for Nike’s Hyperadapt shoes:

While the shoes might be a little late, and don’t really resemble the Nike MAGS we saw in the film, it’s a start and I attribute the changes to Marty telling Doc about his fate… Ripples in the timeline man, ripples in the timeline.

Find out more about these rad shoes here.

NIKE HYPERADAPT looks to be released in the US on November 21st, 2016!