The boys over at Screen Junkies have unleash a brand new Honest Trailer, this time they tear apart Jurassic World.

There’s a lot here to love, but dang they rip Jurassic World a new hole. The movie does has it’s flaws and is bogged down by basically retelling the original movie for a new audience, but lets just remember that it’s predecessor did come out 22 years ago. That’s an entire generation that hasn’t experienced a walk in the park. They need to be enlightened.

Honest Trailers does a great job of opening your eyes to things in Jurassic World and movies in general that you just accepted, like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s love /hate relationship.  That’s going to be a messy break up when they realise they hate each other. The reference to Dr Evil is spot on, if that’s the way the sequel is headed i hope it takes a light hearted approach on a ridiculous idea.

So did they miss anything, or did they hit the nail in the coffin? Comment below let us know.