Rad Videos: Bruce Wayne Vs. The World

Christopher Nolan‘s gritty Dark Knight Trilogy might seem as far from Edgar Wright‘s frenetic graphic novel adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World as you can possibly get right? Well, YouTubers Inventor Headquarters might make you think twice about that. They’ve cut together the whole of Nolan’s Batman trilogy in a beat for beat remake of the Scott Pilgrim trailer, and dammit if it doesn’t just work! Check it out above.

From the spelled out sound effects to the tweaked title cards, this is well done mash-up. But for my money, it really kicks in when you get to about here:
batman-scott-pilgrimI love it when a bit of creative editing gets me to look at something in a new light, and although I knew how badass Nolan’s films were, this trailer definitely highlights the humour that can be found amongst the darkness. It makes me want to watch them and Scott Pilgrim again now, although that’s not really twisting my arm.

And you know you’ve done something right when one of the directors posts it to twitter…