Sausage Party – Movie Review

In the world of Sausage Party, food believes that it’s destined for greater things, to be chosen by humans and taken to our homes.  Little do they know what awaits them when they reach our dinner table.  We follow a sausage called Frank (Seth Rogan) and a bun named Brenda (Kristin Wiig) on their journey of enlightenment, should they trust the humans or rise up against these giants.  Oh yeah, and they say Fuck.  A lot.

So is it any good?YESFirst off, this is not a kid’s movie, just ask the children who went to see the Finding Nemo screening that played the Sausage Party Red Band Trailer before the film. “Mummy, what’s a Douche?” Yes there’s a talking douche in this movie.  Sausage Party was everything I feared, a load of food puns and easy one liners – That didn’t stop me laughing my arse off at some of the most inappropriate things I’ve ever seen.  Similar to South Park, what makes this film work is contrast, a cute character swearing never fails to get a laugh although it can get repetitive.  Nothing is off limits here, race, religion and especially sexuality, which is made even funnier when it’s spoken by a profane talking hot dog.  More often than not the laughs were more quantity rather than quality but that’s OK as it kept you smiling, waiting for the next cringe worthy moment.sausage-party-1920x1080-best-animation-movies-of-2016-10828It really does have all the makings of a kid’s movie. You have directors Greg Tiernan (Thomas & Friends) and Conrad Vernon (Monsters Vs Aliens, where he met Seth) with a score by Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Tangled).  Plus this movie boasts a massive celebrity cast, too numerous to mention.  All of this makes perfect sense because if you’re going to parody something, you need to keep it based in its own reality and be true to the genre.  It took 10 years to make and you can understand why, it feels like they went back after each cut and added an extra dick joke where possible.sausage-party-3840x2160-best-animation-movies-of-2016-9634When you’re watching cute food on an adventure… then all of a sudden they drop the C bomb or a severed head, the laughs come pretty easy.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t offended by this movie, I just wasn’t wowed by its humour.  Stoner comedies aren’t usually my thing as the novelty of people getting wasted isn’t really taboo anymore.  There are also some great gags in the form of pop culture and film references, most notably the Saving Private Ryan homage.  Like Pixar movies there’s plenty of hidden jokes in the background to keep you interested, be on the look out for a ‘Dixar’ bumper sticker.Sausage-Party-trailer-stillWhere the movie does fall over is in its messaging, often boiling down serious issues to the point of making them trivial.  Yes racism is bad, faith has its limits and love is beautiful no matter what your preference.  Do I need an animated hot dog pointing this out to me… not particularly.  Enjoy this movie for some cheap laughs and some thoughtful ones too.  The films ‘climax’ is probably worth the price of admission alone.

Sausage Party, in Aussie cinemas Thursday.