So I finally got around to seeing Predestination, after missing it’s short and limited run around the country.

Straight off the bat, is it any good?

but it did leave me a little bit unfulfilled.

If you were to combine, Memento with Looper and the idea of minority report, you get this movie.
The movie jumps back and forth between time periods, using time travel and purposely hiding characters from view that become revealed throughout the movie.

When I sat down to watch the film, I was a bit disappointed that the trailer made it out to be very different to what it actually is, but within a short amount of time they had my full attention anyway.
It seems they sold the idea as an action/time travel/hunt for a bomber movie, where in fact it is more of a slow burn about a central character who was unknowingly become linked the infamous fizzle bomber.

Ethan Hawke is Solid as usual, but Sarah Snook dominated the movie with her performance.
I also feel its worth a mention that the movie was all filmed in Melbourne, and along with Sarah Snook there are other Australians in the movie, like the great Noah Taylor.

It’s hard to get to into the storyline without ruining the whole movie, and I will say, that the because of the way they did the trailer, I never really knew what expect, which was refreshing.
the ONLY downside was that It was ending almost perfectly, but then had to backtrack add a few extra lines of dialogue and say “does everyone understand now? did we make it obvious enough yet?”

Other than that, it was solid and still had left some room for viewer speculation once it finishes.