‘The Predator’ Begins Filming Today! First Cast Photo Revealed

After two false starts, it comes as a huge delight to report 20th Century Fox‘s The Predator has officially begun filming. Originally scheduled to start shooting on the 26th of September last year, it was held back until the 17th of October, and then once again, until today. With casting woes positively behind Shane Black (Benicio Del Toro was locked down as the lead; scheduling conflicts forced him to drop out), the director took to twitter to share the first photo of the cast:

From left to right we have Sterling K Brown, set to star in Marvel‘s Black Panther; Trevante Rhodes fresh from Moonlight praise;  Boyd Holbrook, who is the lead character and imminently squaring up against Hugh Jackman in Logan; Olivia Munn of Xmen Apocalypse, and standing far right is Keegan-Michael Key, most notable for his comedic turns and last seen in Bryan Cranston and James Franco vehicle Why Him? The pint sized chap is Jacob Tremblay stood next to, you guessed it, a kneeling Shane Black, looking absolutely giddy to mark his first return to the franchise since starring as Hawkins in the 1987 original, Predator.

The acclaimed writer/director also tweeted in response to a fan that we’ll see a rounded out cast by the end of this week. We know the outstanding Thomas Jane has a role, but you can’t help but hope an even bigger reveal is waiting to be uncloaked (Ahem, Dutch anyone?). And as if all this isn’t enough to get you absolutely fucking hyped, this following tweet may just make you want to throw your laptop out of the window and bench press 200 kilos:

Welcome back, Shane.

The Predator is currently slated for February 9th, 2018. Stick around here at So Is It Any Good? for the latest.