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Welcome to So Is It Any Good’s brand new feature page ‘Art of Movies’.  Here we’ll cover all things deemed art, as long as it relates to film.  Including posters, concept drawings, production design, high end fan art and interviews with their creators.

Let’s kick things off with 3 posters inspired by Mel Brook’s classic 1987 comedy Spaceballs.  If you’re not familiar with the film, go watch it now!  It’s the Star Wars spoof with more quotable lines than the film it’s mimicking.  What make’s these posters even more funny is that it’s art imitating art, more specifically the artist Joshua Budich has created these as a direct reference to the work of the extremely talented Olly Moss.  Although when asked by io9 if he like this homage to his art Olly stated:

“But do I like these Budich posters? No, not particularly. When I look at them, I only see all the things I dislike about my originals. The things that I would go back and do differently (my sympathies for Mr. Lucas, here). But they’re parody posters for a parody movie. It’s a strong concept.”

He even admits to being influenced by other artists in his own work:

“…Are they unique pieces of art? Are they genius flashes of inspiration, pulled from nowhere? No. Of course not. I can still point to every stylistic and conceptual reference I used to inform those pieces. The impressive optical illusions of Jason Munn and Noma Bar. The bold compositions of Saul Bass and Paul Rand. The evocative landscapes of Dan Danger and Dan McCarthy. I tried to capture something of all of those great examples to make work that felt new and surprising. The fact that it proved popular enough to spawn parodies only proves that it must have worked. And I couldn’t have done it without stealing a bunch of other people’s shit.”

I guess our idols help form our decisions and influence the work we create. I’ve included Joshua’s work below and Olly’s at the bottom of the page:

Spaceballs - Lord Helmet Spaceballs - Dot Spaceballs -Barf - 1080 × 1350


Olly Moss’ orignal Art:Poster Series Star Wars

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