Baby (ANSEL ELGORT) and Bats (JAMIE FOXX) on the way to the post office job with Buddy (JON HAMM) and Darling (EIZA GONZALEZ) as cops pull up next to them in TriStar Pictures' BABY DRIVER.

It’s Pedal To The Metal In Two New Trailers For ‘Baby Driver’

Update: Empire has a great sit down with Wright to talk through elements of the movie. A recommended read if you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far.

Full disclosure: I’m a massive Edgar Wright fanboy, and have been since I first found Shaun Of The Dead, and have loved everything that the man has directed (yes, even The World’s End). I was gutted he didn’t get to make his version of Ant-Man and have been waiting a long time for some more Wright mastery to unfold on screen.

So all my Christmases have come at once this morning as Sony has released not one, but two trailers for his latest opus, the music-driven action flick Baby Driver off the back of its debut at the SXSW Festival in Austin.

Check out the international (and in my opinion, better) trailer up above by clicking the play button, and then the “official” trailer is below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

A talented, young getaway driver (Ansel Elgort) relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. When he meets the girl of his dreams (Lily James), Baby sees a chance to ditch his criminal life and make a clean getaway. But after being coerced into working for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), he must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.

I guess it comes as no surprise that I’m digging everything about this trailer. As I said, I think the International trailer is a much better edit, and from what I’m hearing shows off the movie better. All of the action sequences are timed specifically to the music that “Baby” is listening to, and you get a better sense of it in that trailer.

All in all, awesome action, a great soundtrack, Wright’s trademark quick edits and doses of humour, I cannot wait for this to finally scream into cinemas. Unfortunately, we have to wait until August to see it in all its glory, but if it’s as good as the first reports say, it’ll be worth the wait!

Sony has also released a sweet retro-inspired poster for the film:BABY DRIVER is in theatres August 10, 2017.