Oscars 2017 Wrap Up: ‘Moonlight’ Steals The Spotlight From ‘La La Land’

It was a night when Casey Affleck beat out tough competition from Denzel and La La Land took home the big prize…except it didn’t. Yes, for all the historic wins and memorable moments, the 89th Annual Academy Awards will forever be remembered for one hella awkward mix-up from industry veterans Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. But more on that in a moment.

Aside from the aforementioned acting win for everyone’s new favourite Affleck (perhaps controversial given those sexual assault allegations) there were few other surprises in the performance categories, with Mahershella Ali getting the nod for Moonlight, Viola Davis for Fences, and Emma Stone for La La Land. In total La La Land took home six awards, including Best Score, Best Song for “City Of Stars”, and Best Direction for Damien Chazelle (The youngest director in history to do so). While in the technical categories The Jungle Book beat out tough competition from Rogue One to win Best Visual Effects, and strangely Suicide Squad can now call itself an Oscar winning film, after taking home the prize for Best Make Up.

As always, the show itself offered up its fair share of gifable moments, notably the opening dance number from Justin Timberlake which had A-list celebrities awkward dad dancing all over the place.

Which brings us to the most talked about moment of the night, which was so unbelievable it almost looked like a stunt at first. But sure enough, due to an envelope mix-up (or possibly Warren Beatty’s shit house eyesight) La La Land was announced as winner of Best Picture before losing to Moonlight.

What can you really say other than “Sheesh, that sucks”, and although it was a massive cock up, hopefully it doesn’t take away from just how big a deal it is that a small indie movie can beat out a big budget Hollywood musical. One for the dreamers indeed.


What wins surprised or shocked you this year? (apart from the obvious of course) Let us know in the comments below.