Nicholas Cage Goes Full Nicholas Cage In The Trailer For ‘Army Of One’

Its one of cinemas most long standing questions: is Nicholas Cage an acting genius or a certified lunatic? The new trailer for Army of One, in which he sets out on a mission to capture Osama Bin Laden, only further adds to the legend that surrounds the notoriously eccentric actor.

Check it out above!nicolas-cage-army-of-one-movieFor all the overacting on display here, I actually think Cage might just pull this one off. There’s a delicate tight rope the actor usually walks where its easy to tip into the laughably absurd, but lately that’s been completely at his expense. Here, it at least appears as though he’s in on the joke, and the fact this is a true story means there’s a method to the madness.

Larry Charles is a proven director of comedy, and the premise behind the film is an inherently funny one, but the real question is whether Cage’s shouty shtick can sustain an entire film. There’s also the niggling fact that this is bypassing cinemas altogether, and going straight to VOD and DVD, which isn’t typically a good sign.

We’ll know for sure when Army Of One makes its debut online from November 4 in the U.S., presumably with Australia to follow