The New Teaser Trailer For ‘La La Land’ Is So Charming It Hurts

We were already given a taste of Damien Chazelle’s La La Land a few months back, but now the Whiplash director has whipped up (sorry) a new teaser trailer and accompanying song for the much anticipated musical.

Check it out above.

Much like the first trailer, we still don’t have a clear idea of the film’s plot, we don’t even know for sure whether the musical performances takes place in the characters lives or within the realm of fantasy (although judging by the films name you’d have to assume its the latter).LaLaLand_071316_1280CopyI dig the way Lionsgate are drip feeding these teasers as it shows a confidence in the material, and its an effective way of setting the mood without overselling to an audience. Plus we all know Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are charisma machines (who apparently can both sing), so most of the heavy lifting has already been taken of.

There’s been a distinct lack of quality musicals in recent years, but the old school charm on display here gives me hope Chazelle’s film will have the story to back up the songs. At the very least, the sumptuous looking visuals and easy on the eye co-leads should make for an enjoyable few hours at the cinema. La-La-Land-poster-1-620x919_1200_1779_81_sLa La Land jazz hands its way into Australian cinemas this December