This week Lucasfilm finally dropped the title of their next installment in the Skywalker saga, and it’s safe to say the internet lost its collective shit. This isn’t exactly rare for a new Star Wars title announcement, or any Star Wars news for that matter, but there’s been a great deal of conversation centered around three simple words that could have profound implications: The Last Jedi.Who exactly is the Last Jedi? Could it be Luke? Could it be Rey? Or is it another character we’re yet to meet? All valid questions, and these only just skim the surface of some of the more wild fan theories out there. One fan rightly points out that the word Jedi can be used as a singular or plural, so we could actually be talking about more than one person.Another eagle-eyed tweeter has even put the new title alongside that of The Force Awakens, hinting that when completed, this new trilogy could make up one long sentence, or perhaps an elegant Haiku.

Of course, all of this is just conjecture at this point, but anyone fretting that The Last Jedi could mark the beginning of the end for Skywalker and co. should wake up and smell the dollar bills; Disney ain’t killing their cash cow any time soon.What do you think this new title could mean? Theorize away in the comments below!