A New ‘Spawn’ Movie May Be Closer Than You Think

During a recent Facebook live video, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane gave fans some more details on his planned reboot for the character.

McFarlane has been busy penning the draft, which he envisions will be a hard R-rating. The initial first draft was over 180 pages, which according to Hollywood, is way too long. McFarlane has since trimmed the fat off the first draft and cut it down to 136 pages. He is yet to shop it around to studios, but did go on to say in the video that 14 representatives from various studios have contacted him about it.

McFarlane hopes to have an “official” announcement before San Diego Comic Con in July, and went on to say that this in no way means that the film is going ahead, but having a first draft ready to shop around is the first step in what seems to be an arduous journey in getting it into production.

Hit us up in the comments on Facebook with your thoughts, do you think we need another Spawn movie? or is the character long over due to be resurrected? More importantly though, who would YOU like to see play him?