The New ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Trailer Is Apeshit

The Kong: Skull Island marketing machine has officially kicked into overdrive this week, starting with a selection of new posters and viral clips on Twitter, and now we have our first full blown trailer for the upcoming action creature feature.

Check it out above!3099322-screenshot2016-07-23at1-36-08pmMan, someone owes Francis Ford Coppola some serious royalties, at this point the Apocalypse Now references are more prominent than Marlin Brando’s rear end. But whilst we were already fully aware of the filmmakers intentions to channel a literal Viet-Kong in this film, what surprises most in this new trailer is the humour. Who knew John C. Reilly would show up in this kind of blockbuster fare one day, and not only subvert the seriousness, but also out quip Loki while doing it.

Oh and King Kong looks okay I guess, although not much of an improvement over Peter Jackson’s version in my mind. This could be a fun monster movie with an interesting twist. Or it could be a big, dumb, expensive action film where we wait around for characters to die. Lets all hope its the former!


Kong: Skull Island will be released in Australian cinemas on March 9, 2017