Fantastic Four

A New ‘Fantastic Four’ Film Could Be In The Works

The folks over at are reporting that Fox is looking to develop a new kid-centric Fantastic Four. If you still have the bad taste of the last film in your mouth fear not, as the new film is being described as having more of  a The Incredibles feel to it. The film, which is currently being written by Seth Grahame-Smith (The Hard Times Of RJ Berger) is said to be focusing on the children of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, Franklin and Valeria.Fantastic FourWhile this may seem a bit odd after the last outing, if Fox don’t keep churning out Fantastic Four films then the rights for the property revert back to Marvel. Marvel went so far as to cancel the comic series and licensing for T-shirts, posters, calenders, toys, and many other of the merchandising rights to try and stop Fox from making so much money off a property that they would like to re-acquire.

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