Universal has dropped the first trailer for the follow up to their 2014 breakout frat comedy Bad Neighbours (known as Neighbors in the US). Titled somewhat predictably Bad Neighbors 2 (without the Sorority Rising subtitle they’re using in America), it features returning cast members Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, and Rose Byrne, and a new antagonist in the form of Chloë Grace Moretz.

Check it out:

In the sequel Moretz plays the leader of a new sorority who, like Efron’s fraternity before, makes life hell for the family living next door. After the first film, directed by Nick Stoller, was a big hit here ($16.7 million) and the US ($150 million), a sequel was inevitable. It seems as though their going with an “if it ain’t broke” approach to proceedings, although a gender switch should provide a few new laughs. I was a fan of the first movie, it had some big laughs (especially the stuff about adjusting to parenting), and if this one approaches things in the same manner, it should be another fun mindless comedy.

BAD NEIGHBOURS 2 releases in Australian cinemas on May 5th