Missed ‘Hardcore Henry’ at the Movies? Now you can watch him at home – Blu-Ray Movie Review

You wake up in a lab with no memory, bits and pieces of you are missing.  A beautiful Doctor attaches a few limbs and then all hell breaks loose.  Shot entirely from the point of view of the lead character, you are Henry, in this is non-stop action gore fest.  Your mission – Save the girl, catch the bad guy and destroy whoever gets in your way, splattering as much blood as possible.  So is it any good?noI’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while and the first few scenes didn’t disappoint.  After opening on a flashback including a cameo by Tim Roth, you’re hit with a James Bond like opener, if James Bond were an R rated psychopath.  You’re then thrown into a Jason Bourne style situation where you know as much about what’s going on as the amnesia suffering lead character.  Initially you almost don’t want to look away because of it’s POV nature, you feel like you’re engaging with the people talking to you.hhwifeThat’s why I give full credit to director Ilya Naishuller for the techniques and skill used in the execution of his first feature.  Some of the action scenes are incredible, demonstrating real skill, using 10 stuntmen/ cameramen, including himself to pull off some crazy set pieces.  Hardcore-Henry-MG-0164-e1460060989325Initially I loved the first person viewing experience, unfortunately the story and acting counteract the POV effect by ripping you out of any sense of reality you were feeling.  Although Sharlto Copley has gone on record siting this movie as one of the most challenging roles of his career, this is not his finest hour.  He assumes a Bruce Willis like role from the 1994 movie North, popping up occasionally in various guises to mentor and aid our hero.  His British accent is almost as offensive as his acting, which to be fair, gets better as the movie progresses but that isn’t saying much.  The prise for the most scenes chewed goes to Danila Kozlovsky, playing a moustache twirling villain, who’s motivations, dialogue and acting choices are still unclear to me.hardcore-henry-img-2It’s an action movie, so usually you’d suspend disbelief and enjoy the spectacle.  After a while though, you feel like you’re watching a cutscene from a computer game and realise you’re going around in circles, saving the girl and/ or getting the bad guy.  That’s when the novelty starts to ware off.  The music is another issue altogether, it never feels like it’s placed with any thought or care, more like the Director has emptied his Spotify playlist into the edit.hardcore-henry-movie-review-9The teenager in me wants to recommend this movie, the grownup in me needs a bit more substance.  Many of the questions raised aren’t addressed leaving you with a pretty unsatisfied feeling at the end.  On the whole this movie was interesting but ultimately forgettable.  I’ve no doubt it will be a cult classic amongst gamers, stoners and stoned gamers. If you’re curious about what sort of sensations you’ll have with this film, stick in the disc, smash a few cold ones, switch off your brain and keep a sick bag handy.