Two months after our first glimpse of director Jeff Nichols latest genre bending effort, Warner Bros. have treated earthlings to their first full look at the upcoming Sci-Fi drama, Midnight Special.

Midnight Special is the follow up to Nichols critically acclaimed film Mud, which also centered around a troubled prepubescent boy caught up in a dangerous world of crime. This time round, it looks like our main character may be from a different world entirely. I got a real Looper vibe from this trailer, with child actor Jaeden Lieberher playing a somewhat similar role to the volatile Cid character from Rian Johnson’s 2012 breakout hit.maxresdefaultWith a strong cast of indie actors that include Nichol’s regular Michael Shannon, as well as Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton, and Kylo Ren himself; this could well be the film that propels Nichol’s into the big time. Who knows, if it captures the attention of the execs at Disney, he could be directing Star Wars: Episode X.midnight_special_posterMIDNIGHT SPECIAL is yet to receive an official release date in Australia