The DC Extended Universe has quickly become the film worlds favourite whipping boy, with both Batman v Superman and now Suicide Squad receiving a somewhat cruel critical shellacking. But despite this, Warner Bros. are moving ahead with their planned release slate, with the latest addition being the previously reported but never confirmed standalone Man of Steel sequel (which kinda, sorta already got a sequel; but thats a conversation for another time).

This latest development may have the haters yelling from the rooftops (or pounding their keyboard profusely) but the simple fact remains these movies are actually making a decent amount of money for the studio. At last count Dawn of Justice‘s final box office takings were sitting just under 900 million, and with Suicide Squad opening strong this weekend, there’s no reason it won’t end up doing similar numbers. I mean its not Marvel or Star Wars money we’re talking about, but from a business perspective you can understand why Warner Bros. are moving forward with their grand plan.3054182-slide-s-6-batman-v-superman-full-trailerAlthough its still very early days in the sequel’s development, its interesting to think what radical steps DC might be taking to course correct the character after being met with such harsh criticism following the one-two punch of Man of Steel and BvS. I remain cautiously optimistic about the future of Supes on our screens, especially given the fact DC royalty Geoff Johns has been promoted to President of the studio, and we will also have a new director in the drivers seat, hopefully improving on Zack Snyder’s efforts.

So basically what I’m trying to say is don’t give up on Kal-El just yet, there may still be life in the old boy. Who knows, he might even crack a smile in the next film!

Man Of Steel 2 has yet to receive an official release date