This IS The Logan Post Credits Scene You Have Been Looking For

If Fox were to resurrect Wolverine you can be sure that they should take some tips from this fan made piece of genius.

The future of Wolverine is still very uncertain. Many fans have been scratching their heads wondering how and who will replace Hugh Jackman as the not so yellow latex wearing Weapon X in future films. For those of you who aren’t into comic books, Wolverine was also killed off by Marvel back in October 2014 in their Death Of Wolverine story arc. Which saw Logan encased in Adamantium.

Much like what they did with the Fantastic Four, Marvel killed off Wolverine in their books simply because they did not own the rights to the character. Marvel saw no reason to continue writing or publishing a book that they saw no financial gain from. Every time Marvel published a new book, it gave more promotion to the Fox owned character which Marvel was surely not happy about.

So with Wolverine dead in film and print, how can we ever see him again? will Fox reboot the character and cast someone else? Or will Marvel buy back the rights to Wolverine and make a deal with Fox to use the term “Mutant” and reboot him in the MCU?

The latter makes much more sense going forward for Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has played the character for 17 years, so it would make no sense at all to have someone else come into the role after that long without some serious writing and spin from Fox.

What say you true believers? how do you see Wolverine returning to our screens? and more importantly, who will play him?