Liam Neeson Goes Full Groot In The New Trailer For ‘A Monster Calls’

Focus Features have conjured up the latest trailer for their feel good family film A Monster Calls; complete with an uplifting sound track from trailer whores M83 and an introduction by the Monster man himself, Liam Neeson.

Check it out above.AMonsterCallsHaving not read the book, I didn’t really know what to expect from this film at first, other than the fact it was known as ‘the Liam Neeson tree movie.’ Now a few trailers in, I have to say I’m still not vibing much on the material, and that’s partly due to the giant in the room, specifically Steven Spielberg’s The BFG, which covers somewhat similar ground and is currently doing average business at the multiplexes.

I am however willing to reserve judgement until I’ve seen the finished product, purely based on the fact that its being being helmed by Jaun Antonio Bayona (or Y.A. Bayona as he now seems to favour). The Orphanage and The Impossible showed that Bayona is extremely confident in his craft, so at the very least we know its going to look great. But here’s hoping there’s enough originality and heart here to make it stand out and become more than just another well meaning family film that doesn’t quite connect with audiences.

A Monster Calls is yet to receive an official Australian release date.