So this is absolutely priceless and perhaps one of the most memorable goofs in movie advertisement in recent memory, a Stagecoach bus has been driving around Cambridge in the UK showcasing Liaen: Oven Cant, which kind of sounds like a studious character piece on a Welsh lady named Liaen and her troubles with an oven. If it wasn’t for the xenomorph and Katherine Waterstone it could have been anyone’s guess what Liaen: Oven Cant was about, however it’s quite obviously next month’s Alien: Covenant applied to the bus out of sequence! Tip of the hat to @ChrisRogers1138 for spotting that today!

In more substantial news, 20th Century Fox is bringing us Alien Day tomorrow, and there promises to be more exclusive merchandise, prizes and Alien: Covenant teases than you can shake a stick at. Empire Magazine are providing one of the most mouth watering goodies with a special virtual reality edition of their magazine focusing solely on the Alien universe; check this bad boy out below and click here for participating Sainsburys stores for our readers in the UK.

Also exploding from chest cavities tomorrow is Alien: Covenant In Utero, which promises to envelope you in virtual reality in the most visceral way imaginable as you witness the birth of a baby neomorph. It’ll be available to all Oculus Rift users tomorrow and presumably available on other VR platforms imminently. Check out the ace little tease below:

Alien Universe details everything else that is going on tomorrow in the way of events, prizes and screenings (that are showcasing exclusive Alien: Covenant clips, so be sure to check out if there is a showing near you!) and the Alien Anthology twitter page will be a hive of activity most definitely worth keeping two eyes on.

How are you spending 26.04.2017? Celebrating at home with Alien or Aliens on Blu Ray? Giving Prometheus a second try at a theatre? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and keep your motion tracker set on us here at So Is It Any Good? as we bring news and reaction in the lead-up to Alien Covenant.