‘Kidnap’ trailer – Halle Berry wants her own Taken franchise

Halle Berry hasn’t been seen on the big screen since 2014’s, X-Men: Days of Future Past, but today we got our first look at her next film – the action thriller Kidnap. Check out the first trailer above!

Kidnap casts Halle Berry as a mother who will stop at nothing to save her kidnapped son. Essentially, a parent takes the law into their own hands. Whether Berry’s character has any ‘special skills’ is yet to be seen, but so far this looks pretty run of the (Brian) mill(s). Kidnap is directed by Luis Prieto and co-stars Lew Temple (The Walking Dead).


Interestingly, this film was originally supposed to be release back in October 2015, but with Relativity Studios bankruptcy the release was delayed. Now with all their money issues have been resolved, Relativity have announced a December 2nd release date in the U.S. Based on the quality of this trailer… this might end up direct to DVD here in Australia, but we’ll let you know if we see a local release.

Whilst Berry hasn’t been front and center on our screens in some time, her last non X-men film The Call received surprisingly OK reviews, and Kidnap looks to be in a similar vein. Those who can’t get enough Halle will next see her doing her thing in Kingsmen: The Golden Circle next year.