John Turturro’s Jesus Is Back For ‘The Big Lebowski’ Spinoff

The rumours of a potential spinoff to the The Big Lebowski have been hanging around for years, but the folks over at Birth.Death.Movies seem to think a story centered around John Tutorro’s beloved character from the film, Jesus Quintana, is most definitely happening.

Even more surprising is the fact the film in question, reportedly called Going Places, is already shooting. Going Places is a remake of a 1974 Gerard Depardieu French comedy, and also stars Bobby Carnivale, Audrey Tautou, and Susan Sarandon. maxresdefaultI have to admit I was in the camp of people who thinks a follow up to a classic like Lebowski is a straight up bad idea, but seeing as this isn’t really attached the Coen Brothers original, I could be on board. As memorable as Jesus was in the original film, Turturro didn’t get an awful lot of screen time, and you just know there’s a fascinating (and hilarious) backstory the filmmakers have concocted for him.

Whats his family lineage? What attracted him to the graceful sport of bowling? And how did his unsettling pre-bowl ritual come about?

Hopefully these questions will be answered when Going Places is released in 2017