John Travolta Stars in the Worst Trailer of the Year.. Possibly the Century

Voltage Pictures and John Travolta’s hairline have just dropped the first trailer to Life on the Line. Check it out above.

Here is the official synopsis

Life on the Line is an exhilarating action drama, which follows the lives of a crew of eccentric and courageous Texan power line workers who do the extremely dangerous work of fixing the crumbling electrical grid. John Travolta stars as ‘Beau’, a salt of the earth man who blames himself for his brother’s death and raises Bailey, his orphaned niece (Kate Bosworth). His worlds collide when Bailey’s handsome lover joins his linemen crew on the eve of a massive and deadly storm that threatens to rip their lives apart.

What the actual frak was that? Not only does that film look horrible, but that trailer is one of the most poorly cut trailers I have ever seen. In one of the slowest news weeks in Hollywood, this is what we are given to make a post about.

YouTube Comments on the Trailer

Nope, it doesn’t.

From the underwhelming plot, to the not so welcome return of Devon Sawa, this trailer is all over the place. Who the hell is the main character? Why is Kate Bosworth in this film? What’s with Sharon Stone’s makeup? Films like this are the exact opposite of what people mean when they say that they want Hollywood to do an original film. Much like John Travolta’s career, Life on the Line is shaping up to go directly to the bargain bin.

LIFE ON THE LINE has no official Australian Release date