Pineapple Express In Space – James Franco Joins Alien: Covenant

News has been positively bursting at the seams (or through the chest) over the past 48 hours for 20th Century Fox‘s Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel Alien: Covenant. Maybe most shockingly of all is the late, late surprise reveal of James Franco among the cast thanks to a scoop by AvP Galaxy. What this means is James Franco will reunite with frequent collaborator Danny McBride in unquestionably the pair’s most serious outing yet together. How many scenes they’ll share remains to be seen at this point, but if their chemistry is as good as the below clip from This Is The End, I’m gonna be stoked.

Furthermore, the first footage from the film was debuted in front of selected media outlets yesterday to a rapturous, upbeat response. 15 minutes of footage and the teaser trailer were screened during a Showcase Preview for Fox’s 2017 tentpoles, and the feedback was immense.

I don’t know about you but I’m salivating for that trailer now, as this is shaping up to be the prequel we all wanted in the first place. No word on when that trailer will drop for the public, but mumblings across social media suggest we’ll see it before Christmas. By the sounds of it, it’ll be a very bloody Christmas indeed. Keep your eye on So, Is It Any Good? as we stalk Alien: Covenant with baited breath in the lead up to its May 2017 release.