James Cameron

James Cameron Wants To Re-Revolutionize Our 3D Experience

James Cameron is at it again. After helping to create the way films utilise 3D technology, Cameron wants to move away from conventional 3D glasses and have it used within the projector itself. Camerons production company Lightstorm Entertainment is extending its partnership with Christie Digital, to push the envelope even further with 3D. The new technology is currently being described as “pure laser” and will be able to use 60,000 lumens to create bright images at an incredibly high frame rate.James CameronConsidering how many movie theatres will have to purchase the new system, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for those pesky and annoying glasses to go away anytime soon.

What do you think of 3D? Do you enjoy seeing films with 3D glasses? Or do you stick to conventional 2D screenings?